Building up with Razo Luxury homes

Over the last 2 weeks I've been working in St. Kitts in the Caribbean with Razo Construction.

Razo are a custom home builder on the rapidly developing island of St. Kitts. With a large Marina development in construction for delivery in the next 5 years, the St. Kitts peninsula is providing a great opportunity to developers.

Razo pride themselves on creating not just luxury homes for their clients, but growing and developing a local workforce.

It is their relationship with their staff that really interested me when I met with their CEO, David earlier this year in May. He stressed that Razo were only as good as their employees and it was of the utmost importance that everyone was pulling in the right direction, being allowed to develop so as they could develop the company.

This was a notion I hadn't thought much in to, having been distracted by the grandeur of the house themselves, wondering how I could show those off - however, the employees and the employer? Demonstrating their relationship? This excited me and I got thinking how I could help Dave demonstrate the quality of the houses to customers by focusing instead on the people building them.

Fast forward to November and here we are in the sticky heat of St Kitts. The island itself experienced a very dry summer which left much of the usually luscious green coverage looking brown (not very conducive to aerial shots) however by now a rainy October had greened everything up and it was looking excellent.

In the last 2 weeks we've spent time on every one of Razo's current projects (they juggle multiple builds and developments at once) Being given the opportunity to get to know many of the staff has been invaluable and meant filming them has been more relaxed and natural.

It's been an excellent project and I'm really excited to work further with RAZO into next year.

You can see daily photos from this project on my instagram here

James Hustler