I'm GoPro Global Creators Challenge Winner!

About 6 weeks ago I got an email from the content team at GoPro simply saying, "Get stoked, you've won! "

I've had a few emails from GoPro in the last few months as they acquire rights to footage and earlier in the year got a video of the day feature was was brilliant but this one was bit different and had a pretty awesome message.

GoPro run a monthly creators challenge open to all GoPro edits. This has recently been rebranded as the GoPro awards but thats another story. 

They pull entires from a pool of rolling submissions. Anyone can upload their own content to GoPro.com/submit. So whilst I didn't officially 'apply' for the award I do always upload my best GoPro content to /submit . Criteria are based upon both the creative and technical nature of the edit. To what extent it aligns with the brand and I guess if it excites those looking through and judging on the day.

What's honestly great about the video being chosen is how it provides me with some reach for my content, something I'm always working to improve.

Looking forward I'm investing the prize solely into producing more content of a similar nature. 

Am I stoked? For sure. Thanks GoPro!

James Hustler