The perfect lightweight kit for backpacking videos: Osmo mobile & Mavic Pro

It's always a toss up - balancing the experience of an awesome trip with the urge to grab your camera out at every second and shoot video. Capturing memories is important - but so is being in the moment, right?

This has kind of led me down a path of trying to find the most practical and effeciant gear to take on personal trips. Both to allow me to effortlessly capture great quality footage, but also to not worry about the setup / preparation and use of it.

A big part of my trips include hiking and camping and this means weighing up what to take - Figuratively and literally- I'm always pinching grams and want stuff that won't burden me down.

This has meant there is big influence on the camera gear I feel I want to take. The DJI Mavic pro really changed the game in allowing high quality aerials to be shot with such a small drone. When DJI announced the Osmo Mobile - It got me thinking if the combo of these two bits of gear could be combined to create the perfect low weight, hard hitting combo for travel videos!

After a bit of playing around, I took them to Italy for a weeks hiking - the results really surprised me!

These 3 items (really 2 as you'll likely have your phone with you already - I used an iPhone 6s) have allowed me to shoot some really cool sequences and together. They give great flexibility with the smallest amount of gear. 

Check it out! -

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